Are you a strategist?

September 22, 2016


Why should I be, I hear you ask?

Well those that are are enjoying life, would you not like to join them?

You can achieve results in your life with calm and committed focus and tenacity; if you decide you want to feel happier in your daily life and feel more at ease with the world around you.

So what is a strategist?

A strategist is someone who has done the work; more on that later. A strategist is someone who understands their inner wiring, their inner being and is deeply connecting and listens to their gut instinct. A strategist is someone who feels deeply; someone who is able to acknowledge and accept how they are feeling and understand how to interpret those feelings as they pass through their body whilst maintaining an alignment to their core values and their mission in life. A strategist is someone who invests in themselves and maintains their energy levels through each day to maximise the value of their time.

If you are someone unfocused, someone feeling stressed, someone who feels overwhelmed in life – are you a strategist?

You can become one.

The question is when.

When will you begin to focus on you? When will you begin to focus on what you need in your life? When will you begin to focus on what you want? When will you begin to take action?

Blame and shame play a part in so many peoples lives. Whilst it may be a part of our human nature, for what purpose might you wish to blame others for your misfortune? For what purpose might you wish to feel shame for what has happened to you?

We are designed to feel happiness and to feel valuable and valued. It’s in our DNA.

Accept that what has happened is in the past and it’s time for you to move on.

Learn from any perceived failures you may have experienced in your past. The more you learn, the wiser you become and the wiser you become, the more you are likely to experience happiness in your life.

So what if you did decide to take action?

What if you did decide what you wanted to achieve in your lifetime?

What if you did wake up each day and feel thankful for being alive?

How does that make you feel?

Take Action NOW

1. Look at your life now and identify what you want – focus on five key features or goals and make your health priority number one;

2. Accept what has happened in the past and identify five major learnings that add value to your path forward;

3. Breathe deeply to connect head, heart and gut and ask yourself what your legacy might look like, sound like, feel like? There is no right or wrong here – just invite your inner wisdom to emerge;

4. Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting on a balcony, ten/ twenty/ thirty years from now, looking out across the landscape whether it be sea or land and reflect back on what you have achieved in your lifetime. What do you see, what can you hear, what do you feel?

5. Act now and sketch out a plan of action for you now. Write down three goals you want to achieve in your lifetime, write down what action you are going to take to achieve those goals and write down how you want to feel in achieving those goals.

You are now a strategist. Congratulations!

David Clark, is a Self-Mastery Coach; helping his clients move from stress to significance. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2011, he published his memoir – “WTF! Life is not always what it seems” in 2015 in which he shares his perspective on life with a bipolar brain. He has commenced his second book “Coat Your Life in Chocolate”. David blogs on self-mastery through his website