Are you a wannabe or just a be? Understanding your identity

September 4, 2015

We live in a world of change, a world of uncertainty, a world of choice.

Whilst there is greater potential to live in different places, pursue different lifestyles and embark on varied careers, the need to be happy in our own skin remains vital if we are to maintain a sense of health and wellbeing.

The ongoing whirlwind of images of others, of potential, of opportunity to be someone else can sometimes be overwhelming if you let it.

Our neurology in constantly evolving and is influence by what we feed it. So if we surround ourselves with images that are not healthy, that impact adversely on what we eat, on the way we exercise and on the thoughts and feelings we generate and encourage then we may begin to notice our health and wellbeing decline.

Conversely, the more we understand the power of the brain(s) and the beneficial impact we can have on ourselves – through healthy diet and exercise – the more likely we are to feel less pain and experience more pleasure in our daily lives.

We think good thoughts and our brain gets excited, it bathes us in feel good chemicals. We feel postively about ourselves, about those around us and our heart begins to glow. We feed ourselves a good, balanced diet and our stomach rewards us by becoming a lean mean energy generating machine, providing us with the energy we seek to make progress throughout the day.

So identify yourself with good stuff and you will find that good stuff happens. Be aware of the bad stuff, it’s there to tell you – “not here, keep moving on”. Maintain your boundaries at all times, negative thoughts, bad habits, unrewarding behaviour, unhealthy relationships/ friendships – you have the power and the choice – keep these outside the boundary of what is you – identify with value and you will be of value, you will do value and you will have value.

So value yourself and do good in the world!