Becoming You – Why modelling excellence matters

September 4, 2015

So what does excellence mean to you?

Well this very much depends on you. What motivates you, what values underpin your beliefs and the decisions you make in the world, what people you like to be surrounded with and what you want to achieve in life.

Got this sorted?

Great. So now to the next stage. Who has followed a similar path and on whom you can model yourself and the approach you take to life? Who has the knowledge, skills and experience from which you can learn how to achieve with ease and style and minimum effort?

Take the inspiration offered from the role model(s) you have chosen and read about anything and everything you can about them and see how this can help you in your everyday life. Map out their journey and set yourself goals. Check daily, weekly, monthly progress. Seek feedback from others on the progress you are making. Ask people whether they feel you are who you think you are, whether you are aligned to your values and invite them to help you grow through asking them if there is anything you could do to add to enhance your own personal growth and the growth of those around you. And notice changes that result from this display of openess, awareness and curiosity. Notice how people become more creative in the way they do things, explore flexibility in yourself and others and persevere where you feel you need to invest more on being of most value to both yourself and those around you.

You may notice yourself becoming more personally responsible and accountable for your actions. You notice a greater pragmatism in the way you approach life.

Ensure you inject some playfulness as you journey forward. After all, life is all about having fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re not modelling excellence. Be you and flourish!