Achieving Authenticity

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    We are all social beings. We are born with all the memories, experiences and personalities of our predecessors. We develop our identity, our personality and our values as we grow up. Entering adulthood brings new responsibilities and requires the evolution of a new role to empower us to navigate the big wide world. But where is our instruction manual? That is where the challenge begins. This book offers insight which may help anyone grappling with their identity, confused about who they are and looking to be achieving authentic!


    Introduction – So what is the problem?
    Chapter 1 – What’s happening in the world?
    Chapter 2 – What’s happening with us?
    Chapter 3 – How did we get here?
    Chapter 4 – Why do we do what we do?
    Chapter 5 – Who are we?
    Chapter 6 – When will we improve?
    Chapter 7 – How will you effect calm, happy flow?
    Concluding remarks
    What next?

  • Preface


    Achieving Authenticity follows on from my first book, WTF! Life is not always what it seems and will be followed by my third book, Coat Your Life in Chocolate.

    Achieving Authenticity is a book I wish I’d read in my early twenties, or at the very least, after my arrival in Australia before I commenced on a journey of challenges with my mental health resulting in a diagnosis of bipolar disorder

    Had I read this book at this time, I would have saved myself almost ten years of stress and illness caused through extreme stress; stress emerging from work and from dealing with a mental health system not fit for purpose.

    Since I published “WTF! Life is not always what it seems” I have had to engage my State MP with respect to the mental health system and with my Federal MP with respect to Centrelink.

    In both situations, I advocated a successful outcome though was amazed that I had to make a stand at time I was deeply unwell. If there is any takeaway message from this book, it is to stand in your power, your authentic self, to ensure your human rights are respected.
    There has never been a time in history when Governments are more likely to disrespect our human rights.

    Achieving Authenticity gives you the knowledge and skills to deliver results and connect with the true self worth with which you were born.

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