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Calmer Mind

What do you see when you read the words “calmer mind”? What do you hear? What do you feel? Calm is a state of being, a state of existence. We can achieve this state through enabling a deep sense of acceptance, an awareness of potential and a desire to achieve. We can develop the deepest capability and capacity to effect a calmer mind by developing a broad perspective of our journey through life. What do we value most? What do we want our legacy to be? What is our potential to effect a fulfilling life?

Developing a holistic perspective, of who we are as individuals, of what we value most and what energises us to achieve, can create a solid foundation on which we can build. Through investing in ourselves, deepening our understanding of what makes us tick, empowering a grounded sense of value both within ourselves and for others and engaging with a broad sense of awareness of our energies, our strengths and those areas which we may find more challenging but are there to enable personal growth; we can effect a calmer mind.

You may be thinking this all is a little simplistic. You may consider it unrealistic. You may view it as implausible, unachievable or just too hard to even begin to explore.

Well, let’s consider a different perspective. If you have something you value in life, such as a friendship. Do you invest time and energy in that friendship? Do you enjoy being in the company of this individual? Do you value the friendship? Do you make an effort to strengthen the friendship? Do you connect with the friend in a way you don’t connect with others? Does that friendship add meaning to your life? Taking into account how you may have responded to these questions, what if someone asked you about your friendship with yourself? How connected do you think you are? How connected to you feel? What would be your gut instinct?

Stress and burnout levels are rising. Over-thinking results in procrastination and exhaustion. Physical and mental illness is ever more present as the world we live in becomes awash with information and stimulation resulting in overwhelm.

What value does this add?

Through adopting a broader perspective to life, it is possible to zone out from much of the noise around us. Through enabling a greater sense of wisdom, drawing on all our senses and most particularly our gut instinct and our intuition, we can effect a deeper grounding. Through this deeper grounding, we develop a more compassionate connection with ourselves and with others. We also bring about a calmer sense of being, a calmer mind. This enables us to be more focused on our present priorities, drawing on the capacity and capability of our creativity to achieve our overall goals.

Being aware of our personality traits can help us understand how our senses process information and through understanding how we process information, we can more easily map out choices, options and decisions to be made.

Personality traits cover a spectrum:

methodical ↔ spontaneous

focused ↔ distractible

content ↔ ambitious

satsificer ↔ perfectionist

assertive ↔ reserved

proud ↔ humble

self ↔ others

big picture ↔ detail

simple ↔ complex

trusting ↔ cynical

optimist ↔ pessimist

resilient ↔ procrastination

solitary ↔ gregarious

compete ↔ cooperate

Whilst the majority of personality traits are present from birth, some may evolve during childhood or through school and into adulthood. Some may evolve in response to environmental circumstances, such as school experiences or interactions with others whilst growing up. Our self-belief is connected deeply with our identity. However, this self-belief evolves through the development of memories which we store subconsciously. The evolution of our compassion, creativity and courage ebbs and flows in response to the interactions between the our identity, our personality and our environment.

Our mind is the result of what we feed ourselves. So if our diet is healthy, full of nutrients and balanced with protein and carbohydrates along with all the other various elements that support a healthy functioning brain, we are optimising the functioning of both our mind and our body. If our diet contains elements or foods that require greater energy to digest or result in our body becoming sluggish, this will reduce our ability to achieve a calm existence. If we consumer the wrong types of foods or more calories that we need, then our body will respond in ways that will slow us down and result utlimately in illness.

Being in balance is key. Our nervous system functions best when we are in flow, when we have sufficient energy to fulfil our dreams and we have sufficient connection across our multiple brains (our head brain, our heart brain and our gut brain). Clarity about what you want, energy to achieve and connection with the value of what you are doing all contribute to a calmer mind. If you are missing any of these aspects, then step back and look at what is happening in your life. Are you fulfilling your dreams? Are you being true to your core identity? Are you congruently aligned to all aspects of your personality and ultimately what makes you tick?

We have a choice. Scientific research shows the impact that stress has on our bodies and our minds. It is also demonstrates the impact of diet on our bodies and our minds.

Ultimately, if what you have read above connects with you in some way, please get in touch to explore more about the calmercoaching philosophy and what benefits it could bring to your daily life.

Every great achiever begins with the first step forward. Let’s take you – above and beyond your wildest dreams!