Calmer Coaching

More Energy

We are energetic beings. We are designed to generate and burn energy. Our brain burns energy and our heart burns energy. Our stomach is the main source from which energy emerges through the diet we consume. The cleaner our diet, the cleaner the energy we generate and the more efficiently the body is able to generate and circulate it to where it is required. Through adopting a calmer (centrally aligning life manifests exceptional results) philosophy to life we are able to be more, do more and have more that meets both our needs and our wants to achieve a fulfilling life.

Modern life has become busy. The need to be busy, the desire to be busy, within a busy environment has resulted in burnout. Stress levels are ever-increasing across all ages and all continents of the world. The purpose of life is disappearing and disappearing fast. We are loosing focus on what matters most, we are rushing to stand still and our perspective on existence lurches from day to day. We have lost control of the ability to be in control. We are eating too much of the wrong food, spending too much of our money on things we don’t need and stressing too much on matters that in five years time we will have no memory of. We are failing to focus on what matters most. We are failing to ensure we receive sufficient nutrition in our diets. We are failing to exercise sufficiently optimise the function of our mind and our body. And we are failing to ensure we get enough rest time to enable ourselves to fully recharge. If we fail to fully recharge our phone before setting off for the day, we may end up with a flat battery at some point during the day. Is that what happens if we are not allowing ourselves to fully recharge each and every day? Is that why we lurch toward artificial stimulants to re-energise ourselves, to try to reboot our existence and push ourselves forward against our better judgement?

Everything we feel, everything we think, every decision we make and every action has a cause and an effect. Developing a deep and thorough understanding of ourselves, our DNA, our personality, our values, our goals and what we feel we want to achieve to fulfil our potential – will effect a greater sense of clarity, empowering us to better focus our energies and more naturally effect greater motivation and reward in life. Through greater connection with who we truly are, what makes us tick and what makes us feel awesome, we can better invest our time and energy in what matters most to us and hence maximise our opportunities to enjoy life.

Adopting a clearer vision, mission and set of values can empower our journey forward. We are able to focus with greater clarity and better manage time by investing in activities that add most value in our life. This enables a greater clarity in communication. We are able to focus more on what we need as a priority to achieve what we want to achieve and through communicating this we are better able to invest energy in what matters.

We are able to more calmly allocate our energy to thoughts and feelings that sit more authentically with us. Through living more consciously, focusing not so much on the quantity but the quality of thoughts and feelings and through better connection to head brain, heart brain and gut brain, we achieve a wiser approach to life through a more integrated ability to fulfil our potential.

A more integrated approach, embraced by calmercoaching, is employed through more energy being focused on what adds value most in achieving full potential. If it does not add value then energy does not need to allocated and hence energy is conserved to direct to more beneficial activities.

Taking time out each half hour and each hour, breathing deeply in and out to the count of six will ensure a fully integrated existence. It will enhance your ability to flow more easily through the day by ensuring all parts of the body and mind are operating in harmony and that any potential risks or blockages are avoided.

My philosophy underpinning calmer (centrally aligning life manifests exceptional results) coaching is to empower/ enable each individual to fulfil their potential through insightful awareness to establish greater happiness and wellbeing. You can effect a life with more energy by focusing more on what you value most and enjoying the flow of daily life whilst accepting that much of what happens is just that, you can alllow it to pass you by.

Ultimately, if what you have read above connects with you in some way, please get in touch to explore more about the calmercoaching philosophy and what benefits it could bring to your daily life.

Every great achiever begins with the first step forward. Let’s take you – above and beyond your wildest dreams!