Calmer Coaching

Why it works

To achieve my vision, to fulfil my mission and to uphold my values, I will be tracking my progress through the following RADAR framework (drawn from the European Foundation of Quality Management Excellence Model):


To empower, energise and engage to grow the pie above and beyond existing levels through enabling individuals, groups and organisations to reconnect with what they feel, think and do more economically, efficiently and effectively


Through face-to-face, online and other channels


As the rubber hits the road, so the mission begins


Life is about being, doing and having what we value most. Using a variety of measures, I will be tracking progress along the way and reporting through various tools including my online blog


Feedback will be sought to ensure I remain authentic to my mission and my values and used to enrich the experience offered through the various products and services made available to enable those who wish – to achieve above and beyond their wildest dreams!

Every great achiever begins with the first step forward. Let’s take you – above and beyond your wildest dreams!