Calmer Coaching

Platinum package

Who might this package most suit?

Ideal for those seeking self-mastery delivering a wiser sense of being and doing as a leader.

What is on offer within this package?

  • unlimited coaching sessions
  • an opportunity to undertake a DISC Behavioural Profile evaluation (enabling one of the deepest behavioural profling insights available)
  • timeline exploration to unlock limiting beliefs which may be impacting on performance and identity/ self-awareness


Why should I choose this package?

This package offers a platinum experience.

Platinum is a malleable, stable and ductile material. It is one of the least reactive metals, has remarkable resistance to corrosion, even at high temperatures and is therefore considered a noble metal.

You decide to choose this package and you are focused on your legacy.

You are results-oriented and you are seeking a deeper alignment and integration with your identity. With deeper alignment internally (how you do you) and greater clarity about your identity (who you are in the world), you achieve wiser outcomes more calmly – you are in flow.

Engaging, enlightening and empowering you forward in your life may involve exploration of your life journey, identifying memories that may be preventing you achieving your full potential.

You will, through this coaching experience, deliver a more creative, compassionate and courageous you, resulting in a higher wisdom through greater self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-actualisation.

When can I begin to benefit from the contents of this package?

This is an ongoing experience enabled through monthly investments in yourself; once the online details are enacted then you are on your way.

How can I get the maximum value from the contents of this package?

By being fully present, fully honest with yourself and your coach. Acknowledge and accept that you are able to achieve your highest wisdom. By adopting accountability for your results and willingness to engage with the process, you guarantee your ability to fulfil your potential.

Where can I access the contents of this package?

Via, via skype and/ or through face-to-face coaching – subject to availability.

All coaching packages include:

  • money-back guarantee – if you feel that your experience is not meeting your expectations, I will happily offer you a full refund;
  • a total focus on your success;
  • a requirement for you to be fully present and willing to fully engage with whatever each coaching session may reveal
  • an assumption you have the capacity and capability to fully achieve your potential, whatever that may be!

Every great achiever begins with the first step forward. Let’s take you – above and beyond your wildest dreams!