Disruptive and value – it’s all about you!

April 13, 2016

So I’m just reading an intriguing online article in which employers are questioning their need to annually recruit new graduates.

This is disruptive thinking.

I find this fascinating because as I read the article I see Charles Handy written all over it.

The article talks about the university models becoming outdated and the need for a more agile model of delivery through which students are able to engender a stronger culture of lifelong learning.

I recall back in my latter years of school doing work experience and the value that this added to my education. This is back in the mid-eighties.

Whilst in some ways there has been change, in some ways there has not.

Sooner or later, Governments will realise they are funding the old order and the old order does not work; it’s not fit for purpose.

So what’s the alternative?

Well Charles Handy, back in the eighties, talked about a portfolio career. This approach resulted in a more agile approach in which the individual focused much more on their passion, their interests and their ability to flourish in a field that they enjoyed. A work-path into which they could invest heart and soul.

The world is changing; rapidly.

Younger generations are on top of this change. The systems are not.

The challenge is for those seeking path and purpose to create their own systems, their own path and follow their purpose.

Drawing on the science and wisdom available across the fields of neuro-linguistic programming, mbraining, DISC Advanced and other approaches such as use of the Enneagram to explore personality more deeply, we can enjoy a calmer and more productive reality.

The answers are out there.

I know, I’ve found them and use them, daily.

So what’s your next step?