September 4, 2015

Energy is the fuel of life. We need energy to get us through the day. The more energy we have the better we feel and the more we can achieve.

So how often do you feel you have the energy you need to do what you want to do?

Do you set yourself up for success?

Stress in one of the biggest challenges in the modern world. It’s not that it has never existed, it’s always been part of the human race. However it’s original purpose seems to have got lose. It’s purpose it to propel us from danger to safety, to enable us to differentiate between fight of flight.

We are in charge of everything we feel, everything we think and everything we do.

Through investing in ourselves, the greater is our potential for success.

Daily focusing on what matters most, maintaining a constructive mindset and pacing yourself and your energy levels throughout the day can enable you to achieve more in the longer term. Regular time-outs can enable your mind and your body to restore itself. Maintaining a healthy diet can make a huge contribution in enabling the mind and body to achieve its potential. Over-eating can place in disproportionate burden on the digestive system causing both short term pain and longer term issues. Cholesterol is one indicator, carbohydrates another. Adopting a “clean” diet can support a “clean” mind and body allowing it to function at its peak. Those at peak performance provide clues. Explore the gems they have to offer to  achieve what they achieve.

It’s your mind/ body. Respect it and it will respect you!