From chaos to calm, from stress to significance…

May 3, 2016

You’ve heard of the famous equation e=mc^2 right?

We’ve that fellow Einstein to thank for that wonderful insight into how energy works.

And so what.

Well you are living in a world full of energy.

Are you full of energy?

Or are you feeling exhausted, exasperated, exsanguinated (ok the latter’s a little extreme but you get where I’m coming from!)

So chaos to calm, stress to significance – why bother?

Well is it not really time you started to take control of yourself – hold yourself accountable for all that you think, feel and do?

After all, you may feel a sense of achievement in blaming everyone else but ultimately it’s your life and it’s your reality you are creating in each and every breathe you take.

If you decide you really want to start to enjoy your life, begin to feel a sense of calm productiveness, embrace to path of purpose and significance then it’s yours for the choosing.

Ultimately it’s your call. You can start enjoying your life; or not. You can start feeling a sense of joy in all you accomplish; or not. You can start to enjoy being alive; or not. No-one else’s choice but yours.

So take ownership. It’s your chaos and it can be your calm. It’s your stress and it can be your significance that you wake up to each and every morning, that you enjoy each and everyday.

You’re ready to make the call? Go for it. Start now, today – no time like the present.

Begin to sort out your priorities in life. Declutter that which adds no value in your life. Focus on you first and foremost – after all if you’re not here; it’s a bit too late.

So it’s legacy time and to start focusing on what people will remember you for – focus on the following three priorities: your direction – what do you want to achieve in your lifetime, your time whilst alive – what do you want to achieve in the next five to ten years and beyond, and your energy – how are you going to ensure you are at your most productive and using your energy to the greatest effect in adding value to your life and your experience – each and every day.

You may be reading this and go yeah yeah – whatever. Well so be it. It’s your call, Your life.

However if you decide it’s time to start focusing on something different – it’s you decide it’s time to start living life how you want to live it – to move from chaos to calm, from stress to significance – then do it and do it NOW!