Imagine if every Government policy was fit for purpose.

December 22, 2021

Imagine a world where political and business leaders applied the following framework in their decision-making.

– is it ethical?

– is it moral?

– is it human rights informed?

– is it fit for purpose?

– is it value for money?

– does it meet and serve the needs of the people/ communities?


Imagine a world where peace and harmony were enjoyed by all peoples.

Imagine a world where people enjoyed the freedom to live through their highest values, live a life of fulfilment, live a life of their highest expression through head, heart, gut.

Imagine a world energised each day to make their lives, their family’s lives, their community’s lives better than the day before.

Imagine a world nourishing itself and its surrounding to flourish optimally and ethically.

Am I being over-optimistic?

Am I being rational?

Am I being reasonable?

Why can’t we aspire to exist in a healthier and happier reality?

Why can’t we follow the science of humanity and live through our highest values, effecting our highest levels of productivity whilst nourishing the world ecologically so it is able to flourish as it is so designed?

Understanding our inner design and our inner engineering offers the deepest insight into whether we are on our path or not.

People who are stressed, burnt-out, exhausted – are they are on their path?


For if they were on their path – they would feel energised and happy in their flow.

To do the hard yards, to understand our inner wisdom and what our inner senses guide us towards and take us away from offers the deepest knowing and the deepest insight.

What is ours?

What is not ours?

The deeper we go into ourselves and our story, the more we learn and the more we awaken to the truth, our truth.

We can choose.

Or we can ignore.

It’s our health.

It’s our wellbeing.

It’s our choice whether we live a long and fulfilling life.

Or not.