Calmer Coaching

My coaching style

So coaching is, for me, about achieving inner calm to deliver outer excellence.

This underpins my philosophy in all I say and all I do.

Once we are calm, we are in flow.

So what is coaching all about?

As a taster, I list below some of the coaching questions from which I draw to engage in a conversation with my clients like no other available to mankind – and to womankind too.

Having been a performance auditor and subsequently training others to do what I did leading to my stint leading an initiative to introduce performance audit into the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, I suggest it’s fair to say I know a thing of two about performance.

So here are the questions. Have a peek, have a squiz, flow through the list and notice what thoughts emerge, what feelings arise and what bubbles up through your gut instinct in exploring the reality that is you. Enjoy, David C, The Calmer Coach.

An invitation to explore – coaching calmly…

“Are you feeling comfortable? Do you need a drink of water? You might wish to access paper and something to write with if you wish to take notes. Are you ready to engage in an exploration through coaching of your inner reality to effect a calmer wiser you?

Ok so we’ll start, shall we?

Just to emphasise, this is a judgement-free zone, this session is completely confidential and my role is to act as your guide to help you in your transformation during this session. It may or may not be a conversation like you’ve never had before. There is no right or wrong, good or bad just your truth aimed at moving you towards your desired outcome.

And so to understand your commitment to transformation within this session, I’d like to ask you how committed are you to making change on this issue during our coaching session?

And if I were to interrupt you once I feel I have enough information that I’m seeking, would that be ok?

And with regard to the approach, how would you like to be coached during this session?

And just checking in with you since our last session, what differences have you noticed since our last session?……

So on what issue would you like to focus on during our session today?

And what’s stopping you from achieving success on this issue?

Tell me more.

And how is this a problem for you right now?

Just to get clear for me – what does it mean to you that you are not achieving success on this issue right now?…..

And so in closing on a scale of 1 to 10, where would you say you are at in resolving the issue we pre-framed this coaching session with as a measure of progress made during our coaching session? Do you sense you will now be able to achieve success in dealing with this issue?

And what do you see, hear, feel in yourself in five, ten, fifteen years time – reflecting back on this issue and your relationship with it? Do you see potential to overcome any actual or potential challenges in dealing with this issue? Do you feel you have a depth on understanding of what you need to do to achieve success in dealing with this issue? Do you feel a need to celebrate your success in achieving closure with this issue?

And so to summarise our coaching session, what have you learned during our conversation today? Any observations? Any learnings that you feel add value in your journey forward?

And in actioning the learnings arising from our conversation today, what three things will you commit to action in the time between this session and our next session as an indication of your commitment to achieve success in your daily life?

And so in closing I’d like to thank you for fully engaging in our conversation today, I’d like to congratulate for being so honest and open and for exploring your reality that has enabled you to progress forward in a more valued and valuable manner in your daily life.

I hope all goes well for you in the coming days and look forward to reconnecting at our next coaching session.”