Calmer Coaching


"I approached Dave because I needed to put what work I needed to do in my exams into perspective. Through our sessions, Dave helped me make it clear to myself exactly what I had to do to get where I wanted to be. This allowed me to plan the work I needed to get done and work through it with motivation, as the end goal was clearly in sight. One thing I liked was Dave's gentle voice that made the surrounding environment more friendly. In hindsight, I found the whole experience with Dave very constructive, stress free and easy going. "– Paul, Melbourne
"I found it very beneficial. Words of wisdom. Helped me through a very rough time. Insightful with a lot of knowledge. I think David will go very far in his career with a background that gives him empathy and compassion. Wishing you all the best, Dave."– Neil, Melbourne
"When I first met with Dave I instantly felt comfortable. He was quite amazing at pulling everything I had blurted out into a succinct little explanation for some of my behaviour. It was obvious that Dave's passion is exactly this! In all sessions he was curious and completely there, meaning I always knew his focus was on me. After each session I always felt inspired and ready to do the work we had talked about. He never told me off for not doing the homework but would gently go over what we had discussed and what it would mean if I did do it. His excitement for me was contagious! I felt I could achieve anything!! There is no doubt that Dave is fabulous at what he does! I am extremely blessed at having the chance to share his time. Thanks Dave"– Kate, Darwin
"Excellent read, can highly recommend. The author takes us on his journey through despair, challenge and wisdom. A natural Coach and NLP Master Practitioner with a great outlook on life, great advice in his book and a lovely honest reminder that life happens, it's what we do with the rest of our wonderful life that counts. Thank you Dave, what an inspiration you are, you certainly make the world a better place, I look forward to many more of your upcoming books :)."– Jane S, Hungary

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