So do you problem solve or problem create?

April 19, 2016

Like it or not this is reality. Your reality.

No-one elses. You have to own it.

After all only you have had your lived experience.

Only you have had the life you have had, the upbringing, the environment, the surroundings, the people in your life, the patterns you have observed, the strategies you have learnt from others.

The challenge for you is to choose.

You either problem solve or problem create?

So what is it to be?

It’s your choice.

In each and every moment of your existence – you are accountable for the quality of your reality. You are accountable for the quality of your feelings and your thoughts.

You are designed to optimise your potential.

You will notice that when you do stuff you enjoy, you feel good.

You will be aware you are interested in some things and not others.

You will notice you have the capacity and capability to achieve.

You’ve done pretty good so far.

You can, with desire and tenacity, do anything – anything. That’s how we are designed. To learn.

And like it or not, there is a wealth of wisdom available online that, if you explore in depth, will empower you to fulfil your potential.

It’s all there for you.

Books too. Some people have taken time out of their busy lives to share their knowledge, their wisdom. This can be yours if you care to explore.

So it’s up to you.

You can either be a person of value, a person who people enjoy being around, a problem solver. Or not.

It’s your call.