So what's on your mind today?

April 10, 2016

On your mind. The English language is fascinating and often confusing. Those keen to explore the language assume there is a logic and structure. Whilst there may be in some elements of language, in others there is muddle and confusion.

Unyet language is what we use to “get stuff done”.

We learn language from an early age.

There is much excitement when we speak our first words. Sadly this changes as we mature in life. Often people would rather we just shut up.

And why is this so?

Well often we are not really aware what we are saying. Our mind is in subconscious mode and we are running a series of random strategies in the blind hope of achieving what we think/ feel we want to achieve whilst not really understanding either what we are saying nor whether the person/ people to whom we are speaking has any idea what we are saying, nor our aim in saying what we are saying and even the desired outcome we wish effect through our opening our mouth.

So for what purpose do we use language?

If we actually took a moment before engaging our jawbones we might actually find a better way of achieving what we want to achieve in life.

Sadly we are rarely taught the importance of language, the importance of thought, the importance of purpose.

We are designed with purpose. Each element of our being has a purpose (mostly).

Some might suggest we are born with a purpose.

We have interests, preferences, likes and dislikes.

But why? and for what purpose?

So next time you open your mouth, take a moment and reflect – what is in my mind today? and for what purpose is it there?