Stress – it’s in your toolkit. Are you using it effectively?

April 13, 2016

“Stress is a major burden in many people’s lives affecting their health and wellbeing. New research led by the University of Bristol has found that genes in the brain that play a crucial role in behavioural adaptation to stressful challenges are controlled by epigenetic mechanisms.”

So as science continues to reveal the more complex and intricate nature of what makes us tick, I ask you – are you using you effectively?

You know our thoughts, your feelings, your language, your behaviours.

And you are using your toolkit, your strategies to achieve.

So where are you at? How effective are you at being you?

Do you understand why you get stressed?

Do you understand who makes you stressed? (the answer to that question is – you make yourself stressed, it’s learned behaviour.)

Are you aware of where stress appears within your being? (this is significant – that why our bodies are covered in nerves, it’s a survival mechanism.)

Stress though is not just a one-off event, a single trigger. Our bodies are learning mechanisms and store information, our bodies become stressed as a result of what our gut, our heart and our head – tells us.

We can relax. We can choose to reconfigure those messages, those thoughts, those feelings – that make us stressed.

We are in control are each moment of our beings – we are in control of how we do us; we are in control of how we respond to events.

Adopting a calm and productive perspective on our reality results in a healthier and more balanced sense of being, enabling a wiser existence and a more enjoyable experience.

So what does stress do for you?

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