The art and the science of being a leader

September 4, 2015

Fans of bingo lingo will understand one of the latest buzz phrases, that is, disruptive leadership. Another is transformational leadership. Disruptive refers to radical change, transformational relates to changes in form, nature or character. So basically big change.

The world is undergoing rapid change. There has always been change but the pace differs over time. Politicial, social, environmental and economic issues drive change. People drive change. Sometimes change is imperative. When individuals or countries are on the verge of bankruptcy, something has to change.

This is where leadership is vital. Taking the initiative, outlining the vision and influencing an audience to follow is what leaders do. Effective leaders are able to elegant empower confidence in strides with the greatest of passion and the greatest of ease.

The skill of successful leaders can be explored around the following:

  • a flexibility of thought that embraces multiple perspectives and interweaves them into a cohesive whole;
  • a creativity that enables the ability to both picture the end point (the ultimate goal), the path to it (strategy/ journey) and the story underpinning it (the influencing vision/ message);
  • a openess and curiosity seeking to both listen and communicate clearly to ensure what what is heard and what is said is authentic and delivers results supporting the ultimation vision;
  • an awareness of self that demonstrates accountability to self and others and models excellence in contribution and service; and
  • a humanity and compassion of connection, understanding whilst also inspiring to engage and empower.

We are all leaders. Everything we say and everything we do influences others. We can choose to inspire and empower. We can choose to make a difference in the lives of ourselves and others by contributing to make every moment better than the last.

So whether an artist or a scientist – whoever, wherever you may be – lead to better and enjoy the experience and you notice how life becomes ever more awesome – the more you empower, the more you inspire – the more you lead yourself towards a better world.