The cycle of life and what to do to enjoy it

September 4, 2015

I refer to the cycle of life in terms of evolution. We are born as a blank canvas and journey through our years sometimes with our eyes wide open such as during our early years and then as we progress through the decades our eyes become maybe more focused, maybe more distracted, maybe uncertain and maybe distant.

The challenge we face, I guess, it to ensure we keep our eyes open whilst maintaining authenticity to who we are, what we feel and allow ourselves an openess of thought that enables us to live a life that supports growth, experience and memories that we cherish as we grow older.

But how can we achieve these aims when we are bombarded with:

  • rules
  • opinions
  • arguments
  • noise
  • expectations

We are subjected to systems. Systems in which we live, systems in which we are educated, systems in which we evolve as individuals. Are we aware of what these systems are designed to do and are we supported constructively to progress through these systems to ensure we are constantly empowering ourselves to achieve our full potential both in the moment and into the future?

Are we informed of our role and responsibilities? Are we told how we can maximise the pleasure and minimise the pain as we progress through these systems? And if not, why not?

The same could be argued for the way the world of work currently functions. Again systems operate in which people are employed to contribute their skills, experience and expertise. But  does the system within which they are employed enable them to fulfil their potential? And if not, what should they do?

Sometimes hard choices have to be made. Ultimately we have to take personal responsibility. We make the best decision, based on what we perceive to be the best available information at the time and the knowledge of what the options open to us are and the implications attached to each. If we are failing to fulfil our potential, that is our ultimate responsibility. I guess we would feel a whole lot happier feeling motivated, participating in a journey in which our morale continues to flourish and in which our sense of contribution grows with each day. Through this journey of achievement, we can truly appreciate how wonderful life is and thank ourselves for pursuing the path of wisdom down which we travel each and every day.