Calmer Coaching

The devil is in the detail

Script for Coaching Session (example) – copyright David Clark, The Calmer Coach, CEO, The Lime Green Solutions – not to be replicated without prior permission [2017].

G’day – so how are you today? [calibration of state: feelings, thoughts, behaviours, alignment to path/ purpose/ mission]

Are you feeling comfortable?

Do you have water to hand should you need it?

Do you have pen and paper or some other method should you wish to take notes?

Are you in a good space mentally and physically to be coached right now?

And is to ok if we both play at 100% to make this the best use of our time?

[where relevant: last week we discussed XXX and at the end of that session you XXX – have you achieved your objective you set yourself, what have you noticed as a result of achieving this outcome?]

Ok so what would you like to focus on in today’s 45 minute coaching session? [setting SMART objective done in every session to frame conversation, track progress and measure progress and achievement of outcome at the end of each session]

Ok, so shall we get started?

Just to emphasise, this is a judgement-free zone, there is no right or wrong. The session is completely confidential and my role is to act as your tour guide to help you in your transformation during this session.

This conversation may or may not be like any conversation you’ve ever had before in your life.

There is no good or bad, no right or wrong, just your truth aimed at moving you towards your outcome.

And so how committed are you today to making change on this issue you wish to resolve during our coaching session?

And would it be ok if I were to interrupt you once I feel I have enough information from you that I am looking for?

So during our session this week, how would you like to be coached?

[Acknowledge client for any improvements made, positive changes, outcomes or achievements.]

And what would you like to acknowledge yourself for this week?

Area of focus

So what would you like to focus on this week?

And how is this focus an issue for you at the moment? And how else? And how else? And how else?

What if you did know, what might the reason be that you are feeling/ thinking/ doing you?

So what specifically would you like to achieve at the end of this 45 minute session?

What would be a fantastic outcome from the session on which we are about to embark?

So how is this outcome impacting on your daily life?

And if you were to score it between 1 to 10 (1 being minor and 10 being drama)?

Move forward to a time when this is no longer a problem for you. What do you see…? What do you hear…? What do you feel…? What are you telling yourself right now…?

And so having said what you’ve said, for what purpose do you want of all that? What will having what you’ve described deliver in terms of value in your life? What value could overcoming this issue deliver in your daily life? What might the outcome be if you overcame this issue to progress towards achievement of your life legacy?

So what’s missing in the way the situation is now and the way you want the situation to be?

How would you know that you had the strategies you need? What would you be seeing/ hearing/ feeling/ saying to yourself as you navigate through enacting what you need to do to resolve this issue?

So in closing on a scale of 1 to 10, what would you say you are at in resolving the issue you framed this coaching session within [1 being unresolved and 10 being fully resolved]?

And with regard to the issue you brought to this session, where do you see yourself in relation to it in five, ten, twenty years time?

In summarising this coaching session, what do you feel you’ve learnt, what did you observe during the session, what are you now aware of that you were not aware of before this coaching session began?

And to conclude this session, what three things will you commit to and hold yourself accountable for enacting before our next session?

So in wrapping up may I congratulate your for fully showing up during this session, for embracing the opportunity for change to improve and overcome the issue you brought before this session – I’m delighted you’ve demonstrated such resilience, resourcefulness, such courage/ compassion/ creativity to show up and step up in your life.

Thank you again and look forward to seeing you next time.


David C,
The Calmer Coach.