Three steps to fulfilment – vision, values, mission – is life that simple?

May 5, 2016

So I’ve been blogging about how we create our own feelings, our own thoughts and our own behaviours.

I hope they resonate.

Why do I consider this so important?

Because we are responsible and accountable for our health and wellbeing. We understand how human beings are designed and why they do what they do. And once we have the knowledge, we use it. Wisely. It enlightens, engages and empowers us to fulfil our potential and enjoy every moment we are alive.

Ignoring the science, the knowledge that is readily available may not be only the worst choice you make for those around you, it could also impact on your own health and wellbeing and ultimately impact on your likelihood of making yourself sick, very sick.

A school of thought suggests that the majority of physical illnesses are created in the mind. This may seem extreme but let’s unpack this statement – the majority of physical illnesses are created in the mind. We create our feelings, thoughts, behaviours. We each have our own toolkit and use up our energies to achieve what we think we need to achieve each and every day based on what we feel and think is optimising our quality of life.

I would be delighted to think 95% of the world’s population was achieving a degree of optimisation but I sense it’s only 5% – if that.

Following the what, why, where, when, who, how of human existence – have you ever explored what makes us human? have you ever listened or learned the science underpinning the way we are designed and why we do what we do?

It’s all readily available.

Understanding personality, behaviours, relationships – they can all be understood and they can all be optimised – moving from chaos to calm, from stress to significance.

People get stressed for example because of one of the following:

  • they are not clear about their vision of the world – the one they are striving to achieve/ contribute towards – hence they feel lost in a world of confusion;
  • they are not clear about their values and how to fulfil them and hence are left feeling unfulfilled – empty and worthless;
  • they are not clear about their mission in life – they are trying to be all things to all people and end up, daily, drained or stressed or exhausted or all three and worse –  their health and wellbeing in failing to nourish them and their mind and body are being starved;

So many illness including many chronic conditions including heart disease and diabetes are self-induced as a result of poor diet, poor self-care, low self-worth, lack of self-belief in ability to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. What we eat, how we breathe, how calm we maintain our being and to what extent we value our self-worth is all down to each and everyone of us.

We tell ourselves stories based on what we’re told, what we hear from those around us, what we believe to be true – whether or not any of this bears the slightest resemblance of either true or reality. The majority of what we hear is judgement – other people’s opinions – based on what – their own judgements and their own opinions – which were formed listening to other people’s judgements and opinions. These judgements and opinions risk our health and wellbeing. We need to realise this to be true and the impact of what we feel, think and believe to be true.

Seek out the evidence, seek out the facts – understand that you are a result on not only your heritage and your personality but also the result of a continuous environmental influence of judgement and opinion which more often than not add little or no value to you in enabling, empowering and encouraging you to achieve anything in life you want to achieve.

You have to take control – even if you feel you are not in control.

And that’s the purpose of this blog – take control!

Vision – Clarify in your gut what matters most to your, reflect on what feelings emerge from this experience and create within your mind a vision of what you see your future to be like, sound like, feel like. Who do you see in your vision of your future? What do you see? Where are you in relation to your vision of your future? Why are you pursuing the path your are on? How are you contributing towards the emergence of your vision of your future?

Values – Breathe deeply into your heart and gut and connect with your core values, what matters most to you in your daily life. Focus deeply on your heart and your gut and gently calm your mind to let to rest for a while whilst you take a moment to reconnect with your core values. These core values influence all you feel, think and do. They guide you. If you fulfil them, you feel fulfilled – you feel motivated and energised. If you are not – then you may notice a sense of emptiness, a sense of low energy and a sense of unhappiness because your not meeting your full potential in life.

Mission – So you know what you enjoy doing, you know what motivates you, makes you feel full of energy and alive. It’s called being on your mission in life. We all have different interests, different skills and different motivations. Our brains are all wired differently in a way that enables us to embrace our diversity and the skills, knowledge and experience we can contribute in a collaborative manner to contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of the world. In contributing to the overall health and wellbeing in the world,we are on our mission to achieve, to calmly and productive add value each and every day. We nourish and we flourish. We move from chaos to calm, from stress significance. It is within our control, it is within our wisdom and it is within our human potential to achieve a fulfilling life.

So you want clarity, you want focus, you want calm ?

It’s your call.

Either drown in the stress and chaos that invites you to it daily and will risk the health and wellbeing of yourself and others.

Or seek clarity, focus, calm.

We are designed for a purpose – why would you ignore your purpose?

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