What is the value of following the science and flowing through your highest values in effecting a legacy worth leaving?

December 4, 2021

The following is an extract from Chapter 9 of Using your multiple brains to do cool stuff – Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka

More about the value of aligning head brain creativity, heart brain compassion and gut brain courage can be found at www.mbraining.com


Chapter 9 – mBraining your World


“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein


“Our science and our technology have posed us a profound question. Will we learn to use these tools with wisdom and foresight before it’s too late?” Carl Sagan


This chapter is personal. It’s about you.


And it’s also about us. All of us. It’s about what mBIT makes possible in the world in which we all live, based on the choices “you” make. You are far more influential than you realise. The degree to which you live wisely from your Highest Expressions affects not only “your” experience, your work associates, acquaintances, the strangers you interact with, and in many ways the extended network of people they’re all connected with.


It doesn’t take much to see we are all influencing each other in some way, directly or indirectly, by the way we choose to “be” in the world. And the wisdom of our choices, or lack of it, in how we express ourselves creates our personal world. On a societal and global scale, this collectively creates “the” world.


As indicated by Einstein’s and Sagan’s perceptive quotes above, and as detailed in Chapter 1, our world is out of balance. Over the centuries we’ve elevated and focused on head-based rational cognition over deeper heart-connected and intuitive gut-based ways of knowing. Our infatuation with the rational mind has led us to focus solely on logic to our detriment, so that if we can’t explain something in head-based objective terms, we denigrate or ignore it.


Our purely head-based way of living and decision-making has created many of the modern global-social issues we now struggle with. As pointed out in Chapter 1, infettered greed and a deep lack of awareness of systemic consequences has led to:


  • overpopulation and environmental degredation
  • unbridled consumerism
  • stress and health issues
  • accelerated changes without meaningfulness; change for change sake
  • social fragmentation and work life imbalance; people are no longer connected in meaningful ways even though we have more ways to communicate than ever before
  • inflexibility, lack of acceptance and compassion leading to violence, wars and global conflict
  • unethical corporate behaviour and collapse of financial systems due to either greed, lack of diligence or outright corruption


Even a rudimentary awareness of global events, environmental issues and social concerns is enough to highlight we now live in a world that is out of balance and out of alignment. We urgently need to find a way to bring integrated wisdom to how we’re living on our fragile planet.

Now don’t get us wrong. We are not doomsayers. There are definitely many things that are right, wonderful and beautiful in the world. It’s great to be alive and there’s so much to be appreciative about. What we’re saying though, is we need to wake up and see the larger pattern and the systemic effects of the consciousness driving our daily choices. This requires seeing multiple perspectives and not denying one for the other. We need to integrate multiple perspectives to make wise choices that not only address critical issues in our world today, but also ensure a sustainable future we can all value and want to live in too.


Just as how we’re not doomsayers, neither are we starry-eyed idealists. As you can surmise from the extent of science-based research referenced throughout this book, combined with the numerous techniques for practical application, we are pragmatists. More so, we are pragmatists with intention. Our intention is to increase the wisdom of the decisions and actions taken in the world that affect us all. Our intentions have arisen as part of our Highest Expressions of compassion, courage and creativity. The pragmatics for achieving mBIT, our offering to you through this book.


Now, unless you’re a powerful world leader, it’s near impossible to directly affect changes on a global scale. However, we can all directly and indirectly contribute to collective change by elevating the consciousness from which we make our personal decisions and how we behaviourally respond and act in the world.


This is where you come in.


The freedom to choose


“Every man is condemned to freedom.” Jean-Paul Sartre


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