What is your vision for 2025? How will you evolve in next three years?

December 20, 2021

What do want you in your life? What’s missing that you yearn for?

Are your basic needs fulfilled or are there gaps that you are either consciously or subconsciously/ unconsciously ignoring?

Are you prioritising your wants over your needs?

Are you over-focusing on the short term to the detriment of the long term?

Are you on your path or someone else’s?

Are you flowing daily through your highest values to achieve your legacy you were born to live?

Are you being the person you were born to be?

Or are you being someone else?

And these questions viewed through the lens of:

– is it ethical?

– is it moral?

– is it human rights informed?

– is it fit for purpose?

– is it value for money?

– does it meet and serve the needs of the people/ communities?


Are you comfortable in your skin?

Are you at ease with yourself and your life?

Why do I ask?

Because I wasn’t.

And I wasn’t aware I wasn’t.

That was until 2011 and a six-month psychotic episode following by a diagnosis of bipolar (it’s not a disorder).

So what is psychosis and what is depression?

Depression is the result, imho, of our wish to cling on to a reality that is of no value to our inner being unyet our head decides it is. This depresses our energy through our head brain creativity consisting of billions of neurons over-powering our heart brain compassion consisting of thousand of neurons and our gut brain courage consisting of millions of neurons. Our autonomic nervous system purposed with aligning head, heart, gut drains its energy trying to balance the imbalance – the flawed design of our inner being.

Psychosis is, again imho, an explosion of our inner being to release the trauma and negative energies from our inner being to the of our DNA, most likely inherited from past generations and/ or from early childhood to effect healing and recovery from the experiences that no longer serve us or that can no longer be contained within our inner neuro-physiology.

Again, why does any of this matter?

To be honest, maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.

I’m in a good place.

It’s taken me a decade of self-discovery and self-exploration.

I’ve changed every single element of my being.

I’ve changed my personality, my character, my values, my mission, my purpose, my whole inner being.

After all that has psychosis and depression taught me?

If something is not working – do something differently.

It’s like breaking your leg by continuously skiing but not waking up to the fact that your bones have insufficient strength to endure the stress of skiing. Whilst you may enjoy the thrill of the slopes, ultimately if your bone structure is insufficiently robust to take the stress whilst enjoying the excitement – what choice do you have? Do you focus on the short-term thrill and risk a life in a wheelchair?

As with physical health so with mental health.

And this relates to people in all walks of life and all levels of the community.

Leaders are as likely to experience mental ill-health as others.

I know because I have lived the experience.

But I believe it should not take me a decade to find out what is wrong with me.

It did but seriously.

And that’s why I will continue to blog whilst I progress my memoir – to raise awareness of the neuroscience and the value in exploring our inner engineering, our inner design, our inner being.

We are designed for optimisation.

Unyet our inner design is flawed.

Not many people know that.

Imho they might wish to.

It might save their life.