What RACE are we in? Are we racing for excellence in our lives?

December 19, 2021

I’ve found the last few days a tad exhausting investing time and energy trying to differentiate the truth from the turgid tales of politicians.

Framing my mission around “wise leaders achieve wise outcomes” drawing on the measures:

– is it ethical?

– is it moral?

– is it human rights informed?

– is it fit for purpose?

– is it value for money?

– does it meet and serve the needs of the people/ communities?

I just see missed opportunities, missed productivity, missed achievements, missed potential.

So why do we elect politicians who are unethical, immortal, lack commitment to our basic human rights, aren’t fit for purpose, fail to deliver value for money policies and outcomes and fail to meet and serve the needs of communities?

I know there’s an issue of self-interest and also that some are so disillusioned with politicians that they fail to engage with what is happening in the news. But this is like being on The Titanic and ignoring the increasing prevalence of sea water gushing through the ship as it sinks into the deep ocean.

Ignorance kills.

Too many people have lost their lives through not following their truth.

Too many people have lost their lives through trusting politicians to do the right thing.

Too many people have lost their lives through natural disasters that could have been prevented through more ethical, moral and human rights informed policy and outcomes.

Emergency management in Australia has been a Cinderella policy issue.

Climate change has also.

These are fundamental human rights that are being abused by our Governments whose role is first and foremost to keep us safe.

Maybe our choices are confused.

Maybe our priorities are a mishmash of want this/ don’t want that.

Maybe our decisions are over-focused on the immediate to the detriment of the legacy.

I’m not judging anyone.

I’m asking – what’s happening to humanity?

The human race is here for a purpose.

So what is it?

One could use RACE as an acronym:

  • Resilience
  • Acceptance
  • Chaos
  • Excellence

Resilience to overcome adversity – the classic examples here are Holocaust Survivors like Viktor Frankl who after World War Two went on to create logotherapy which focus on exploring meaning of life.

Acceptance to realise now is all there is – our inner biology is constantly reconfiguring itself. Our brains constantly rewiring, our hearts too and our guts and most likely our autonomic nervous systems and our DNA – always changing. To accept where we are is to accept that this is not our future and that we can free ourselves to fulfil our potential and our dream should we do choose.

Chaos to create choice and opportunity – change is exponentially increasing globally as the world become more inter-connected, so we are now in a reality of empowerment never before seen or realised. Once we value our dreams and the worth of the chaos, we can calmly navigate the choices wisely through our highest values.

Excellence to build on the wisdom of others – nature is the wisest of all living forms I believe unyet we abuse and destroy it to our peril. We need to value nature and learn from it. When we do will see the answers were there all the time but we chose to ignore them. When we see the answers and see our truth, we will begin to get of our way and allow our inner resilience to excel to a higher self-worth and achieve the purpose for which we were born.

We may have inherited the deepest challenges from our ancestors.

We may have experienced the darkest of times during our life.

This is all teaching us.

The race we are in is a race to “know thyself”.

The race we are in is the human race.

When we value, we will excel.