What’s the value in modelling excellence?

December 5, 2021

What value does modelling excellence offer?

What benefits could following the science and the evidence of leadership effectiveness in a crisis achieve?

For me the benefits were and are life-saving.

Reflecting back on the past couple of years and further back on the past decade, I feel a sense of gratitude that a took the opportunity to train to be an accredited EFQM assessor whilst in the UK before I emigrated to Australia.

The EFQM model has helped guide me through a diagnosis of bipolar which has been one of, if not, the most challenging aspect of my 50+ years on this earth.

Framing my life and experience through the lens of:

Direction – Purpose, Vision and Strategy

…asking questions like:

  • How can I be fit for purpose as a human being and fit for the future?
  • How should I adapt my purpose, my vision and my strategy in light of what I’m experiencing?
  • How should I refocus my resources to support myself and others?

Asking questions has helped me find answers.

Often the questions had been challenging, mostly they have been enlightening and I feel in some ways a gift to help me better understand myself and the journey I am on.

And I do believe that bipolar is not a disorder. I believe the diagnosis is healable and it is possible to effect an improved quality of life post-diagnosis. Maybe it is not the same life. Imho it is a much calmer and healthier life and lifestyle. And ultimately I’d rather live the life I’m living now that live the life I was before I received the diagnosis.

For me now the focus is to raise awareness of what I have learned since my diagnosis in 2011.

That I was the wrong character before diagnosis. I was the wrong personality. I was pursuing the wrong values. I was on the wrong path.

Maybe that’s the rationale underpinning psychosis – to release the individual from themselves. Something similar to the caterpillar into butterfly metaphor.

To realise my RADAR was not just missing but was completely the wrong model or prototype bemuses me.

Unyet maybe that’s the gift that gives.

RADAR through the lens of The European Foundation of Quality Management model is the acronym for Results, Approach, Deployment, Assessment and Review.

Clarity on the results you are seeking to achieve in your lifetime.

Clarity on the approach and deployment strategies that will effect this results.

Clarity on the methods you will use to assess and measure progress to keep you on track.

Clarity on how you will review and evaluate your performance – too fast? too slow? just right?

Once our RADAR is in a balance then we can focus on what matters most, flow through our highest values and make the world a healthier and happier place in which to live.