WTF! Rewarding yourself. Would you? Do you? What’s in it for you?

September 4, 2015

So what’s happening? You’ve achieved stuff. Stuff’s happened and you’re here.

So what?

Life is a funny old thing. As I write in my first book “WTF! Life is not always what it seems”, even if your world collapses another door opens meaning we are surrounded by opportunity and whatever life throws at us, there is always another door in which to make our life better.

So then rewarding yourself. Do you reward yourself? Ever? If you do, for what do you reward yourself?

Let’s suggest we enter this contest called life. We want to win a prize. There are entry criteria. The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • clear strategic goals that demonstrate a commitment to self, partner, family and community needs;
  • behaviour that focuses on engagement and involvement
  • a genuine, demonstrable commitment to consciousness and contribution
  • alignment to “what works” with a desire to model on excellence
  • an acceptance of others
  • demonstrating values of openness, transparency and candour
  • a dedication to collaboration
  • a relentless focus on self-improvement underpinned by awareness and feedback

So let’s you are then scored out of 5 on each, one being not so good and five being pretty awesome? Then divide the score by four and multiply by the number of decades you have been alive. How you tracking?

Anything over 25 and you’re doing good eh?

So onwards and upwards – what’s your plan of action?