Calmer Coaching


Standing on the shoulders of giants could not be more appropriate in the creation of The Lime Green Solutions and all that calmercoaching is and does.

A huge thank you and acknowledgement to:

  • Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu and all the people who helped make mBIT and mBraining possible – including those listed at:
  • Alice Haemmerle
  • Richard Bandler, John Grinder and all those associated with the amazing depth that is NLP
  • Sue Knight and Gene Early for inspiring me with grace and elegance to deepen my NLP Coaching Mastery
  • Peta Wilkinson and Kaaren Lalor for being so darn awesome
  • to all the other people connected with and who have added such value to the journey onwards
  • and finally to the team at Digital Thing for designing & developing this stunning site!

Every great achiever begins with the first step forward. Let’s take you – above and beyond your wildest dreams!